Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Architects of the Absurd

Invite. Mental Pictures. de Wet, Gimberg & Nerf. 2008

View in. Mental Pictures. de Wet, Gimberg & Nerf.

View out. Mental Pictures. de Wet, Gimberg & Nerf.

Detail. Mental Pictures. de Wet, Gimberg & Nerf.

Portrait (Press). Mental Pictures. de Wet, Gimberg & Nerf. 2008
"I'm not sure what the occasion was but Christian, Barend and I were braaing wors at the studio. It's the woolies lamb sausage we were owed by Renee Holleman from Carpentry 101. it seems fine despite having sat in the fridge at the AVA for a couple of weeks. Christian decides we should get a picture while the three of us are together, we try to set up the shot to look like the one taken by the suicidal guy on Blouberg beach before our escape. The order is wrong though, Barend is on the right, then me and finally Christian, who has to rush into shot before the timer goes off. I gaze "out to sea" while Barend watches the camera. Christian doesn't quite make it, he's still getting into character when the flash goes off. It's still better than the previous attempt though: the camera (resting on the top of the wall between our building and the next) had fallen over in the breeze." Gimberg


Anonymous said...

dear blank projects....here's one for the suggestion box, how about some contact details? Sometimes things happen, you miss the opening night through circumstances beyond your control, you think I'll just pop over another day...can you find out when you might be able to get in/see someone to make a purchase?...not here! Very hard indeed to find out anything in fact.....which is lousy

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