Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Douglas Gimberg and Christian Nerf present CARPENTRY 101.
The artists will be attempting to dismantle traditional wooden sculptures, you are welcome to join them. A book will accompany the show with contributions from Ronald SureshRoberts, Bettina Malcomess, Nuno Sacramento, Robert Sloon, Ed Young, Andrew Lamprecht, Bianca Baldi, Johan Kritzinger, Dan Halter, LizzaLittlewort, Gimberg and Nerf.
The artists invite you to one final night of Carpentry IOI. Gimbergand Nerf plan to get rid of all the bodies on August 29. Gates open at18h00. The artists will be accepting IOU's for works and prices arenegotiable. Many people participated in the IOI process which producedover 70 works and some great fires. Some are beautifully gold-leafedand others plain crude, but it is the thought that counts.An IOU is a note and acknowledgment of personal debt (from the phrase"I owe you" or "I owe unto") that is generally limited to casual usagebetween acquaintances. 1] Select a work, 2] make a reasonable offer,3] negotiate, if successful 4] sign an IOU and 5] exchange it for thework. Simple. Only bodies will be available, left arms have beenarchived and right arms burnt."There is something beautiful about reversing the process of making.Of undoing something, of taking it apart. Of returning the object towhat it was originally made of. And yet on returning it to the'wood', one may be left with the little arms, remnants of the objectfor which there is no use, a kind of surplus. I do not mean the kindthat brings profit, this is not the 'surplus value' of capitalistexchange. It is rather that which sort of escapes the contract ofexchange. In reality our relations are so much defined by exchange, socompletely rationalised that maybe this is not even possible.It is the little branch Dante plucked, and dropped in fear and leftbehind, like a trace."Bettina Malcomess, Carpentry IOI ISBN: 978-0-620-39272-3"

Visit http://www.artheat.110mb.com/ to download the free online catalogue.